fuck danny meyer.

Many years ago, there was a bunch of hoopla about the massive glass behemoth that noted architect, Frank Gehry, had designed for the Atlantic Yards development. People brought back the “Fuck Frank Gehry” t-shirts that first became popular after his design for the museum in Bilbao was revealed and everyone hated that, too. According to […]

i never promised you a rose garden.

Is it terrible if you feel absolutely nothing for the person that gave birth to you? I’m not angry at her. I’m not sad or wistful or unhappy. I just feel completely indifferent right now. My mother recently moved into an adult assisted living center in north Jersey. She has a studio apartment that looks […]

out of office ending.

The vaccines are rolling out. Restrictions are easing everywhere. The government seems to be like a cool parent right now testing the bounds of our ability to do the right thing when faced with potentially troublesome situations. Are you going to keep vigilant with mask-wearing even after you are fully vaccinated? We shall see. Even […]

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